We help guide your puppy to get started on the right path in order for the puppy to become the dog everyone dreams about. Proper Socialization and Puppy Training are of utmost importance.

Proper socializing is very important and critical in a puppy’s development. What you do and not do at this stage will affect your puppy’s behaviour forever. It’s not as simple as taking the puppy at the dog park not all dogs are good role models to do so. It takes a good, well balanced dog to teach the pup how to properly interact with others.

Starting on the right path!

Puppy Training should start immediately.  Puppies are naturally wired to follow a leader. A leader is someone strong not in power but in character, stable and consistent. Puppies sense our confidence levels and will start to take control if they sense weakness. When this happens bad behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing, leash-pulling, or anxiety, will develop. The most important aspect of having a puppy is being a leader. This role doesn’t begin when the pup is six months old or when the puppy is being bad it should be established and maintained throughout the entire dog’s life. For the puppy to grow into a healthy, balanced dog you must demonstrate leadership from day one.


About the Trainer: Chris Papakostas

I’ve always loved being around animals and more fascinated by their willingness to learn and please, their behaviour can teach us humans much more then we think. Being around a lot of dogs I noticed that I had a natural ability to understand, gaining their confidence and willingness to listen.

I don’t see this as my “job” or even my “career” this is my lifestyle. I had an unfortunate incident and had to euthanize my dog Wicca a dog that saved my life long story short do to the incident I decided to pursue working with dogs on a professional level to help others understanding the fundamentals, why certain things must be done in order to achieve positive results and the importance of leadership. In 2012 I started my studies with Master Dog Trainer Harry Kalajian from Montreal Dog Trainers Network. When I started my courses I had Princess a rescue dog that helped me figure out what I needed to focus on. She came to me with a bunch of problems; separation anxiety, fearful, dog/dog aggressive in certain situation, leash reactive, couldn’t crate her, destructive and much more not to mention a high pray drive yes all this in 1 dog. That was my test, my personal goal at the time how was I going to help this dog. A few months of hard work and lots of learning she became whole new dog. Now she’s training in the field of Narcotics and Mould Detection I also have Momma, Zeus and Jax.

I completed my courses in Canine Training, Behaviour and Defense work.
I have theoretical and working knowledge on various subjects in any level in the field of dog training. Being part of the MDTN gives me credibility and to collaborate with other world-renowned trainers. Always thinking outside the box and being open minded allows me the use of different methods, techniques and tools. Having a good understanding of animal behaviour is important in to resolving certain issues. Considering the natural behaviour of different breeds enables me to select the best suited dog to perform a required task. It also enables me to encourage the performance of naturally occurring behaviour and also the discontinuance of undesirable behaviour.


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